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grapes Grape types within the Vineyard.
Rows 1 - 7: Rondo
Rows 8 - 25: Pinot Gris
Rows 26 - 58: Chardonnay
Rows 59 - 85: Pinot Noir
Rows 86 - 95: Pinot Meunier
Rows 96 - 112: Rondo

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The First Battle

It is 375 years since the historic First Battle of Newbury. In the fields to the west of the town 20,000 Royalist troops fought an equal number of Parliamentary soldiers to a bloody standstill.

The Church

The Church itself has early Medieval murals and many of the fallen from the first Battle of Newbury in the 17th Century English Civil War are laid to rest in its grounds.

The Farm House

The Grade II listed farm house has origins dating back to at least the mid-seventeenth century and was for many years the largest farm in Enborne. Its land has seen cattle, crops and polo ponies and watched over the decisive English Civil War battle of Newbury and the US 101st Airborne rehearsing for D-Day and Operation Market Garden. If bricks and earth could only talk!

The Vineyard

The vineyards never rest and regardless of weather and season, always need tending. 

January through to March sees little outward development and work on the land largely revolves round burning the vine cuttings and keeping close eye on the health of the soil